Colin Hough

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Red Red Rose.mp3

This experienced folk club host has organised and hosted several folk clubs and can often be found at folk festivals in charge of one or more venues.  Besides his organisational skills, he is a talented singer and guitarist.

Dave Rolfe

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O'Carolan Aire.mp3

Dave is a versatile singer and musician who is known around the folk scene both as half of a duo, Take Two, and as a member of several bands; the most well known being Driftwood and The Ellen Venn Band.  He is widely known for his ability of being able to add accompaniment to almost any artist and/or any song.


Chris Edwards

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Green Eyes.mp3

Chris acts as organiser for a local singers' folk club and also as host for another local club. She is a hugely popular singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Linda           Del-Manso

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Linda is as comfortable singing a capella as she is singing harmonies with a group of musicians and singers.  She has a wide range of songs: some will make you laugh and many will make you cry! 

Paul Francis

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Cousin Jack.mp3

On the surface Paul is quiet and unassuming which belies the fact that he is an accomplished singer and guitarist.  Performing regularly at local venues, we are pleased that he has agreed to be an occasional host at our club.

Joe Bayliss

 Press play to hear one of Joe's compositions - 'Rose & The Doctor' a 'must hear' for all Dr. Who fans!


Joe is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and every line of every song he writes is a small chunk of his life, so the words are guaranteed to touch you in some way.

His genre has been described as Indie folk.  Whether slow ballads or up-tempo rhythmic songs; they are usually confessional, or observational and always contemporary in lyrical content. 

Helen Brown

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Don't Want to Know.mp3

Helen is a singer/guitarist who sings a variety of songs in a gentle manner which is ideal to convey the emotion contained within her songs.  If you have previously heard her perform acoustically and not through a PA then make sure you don't miss an evening when Helen is our host.  You will be amazed at the clarity of her voice and the subtle nuances that are portrayed.

Roy Griffiths

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Two Hills.mp3

Roy is a singer songwriter who often bases his songs around the local area of Shropshire and The Wrekin.  He has a clear distinctive voice and uses a melodeon, rather than the customary guitar,  to provide accompaniment.

Ken Stott

Press play to hear Ken's own song about life on a canal boat: 'Towpath'


Ken is a singer/guitarist and an excellent prolific songwriter. His songs are guaranteed to evoke emotions varying from sadness to humour. He delivers them all in his inimitable style and we are grateful that he has agreed to be one of our hosts.

Linda Kirtley

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Linda is a singer/guitarist with an exceptionally clear voice.  She is a vocalist in two popular local bands: 'The Crooked Bawbees' and 'Sounds Familiar' covering a wide variety of music, from several genres.