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Club Information

Bradford Arms Folk Club welcomes performers and non-performers.  Membership is currently free of charge and, for all except Guest Nights, admission is free.

There is a large car park sited well away from the road.

The folk club is usually held in an upstairs room.  Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access. The majority of Guest Nights will be held downstairs, in the function room, which does enable wheelchair access and allows greater audience spacing.  Such events will be advertised on the website.

The bar is downstairs and it is usually more practical to buy your drinks before going upstairs. You may also purchase drinks for the interval which will be placed on a table ready for you to pick up without waiting in a queue.

There is a convenient upstairs unisex toilet situated close to the entrance of the folk club.
Help is always on hand for less able members and guests.  We will find you a fit and eager person who will ensure that you do not have to return downstairs for more drinks etc..

Performers put in a lot of time and effort before they appear on stage to entertain us, and we always show our appreciation for this. Audience members are kindly requested to remain quiet during the performance and switch off and remove from view mobile phones, thereby not putting off the performer or annoying other audience members.  Conversely, we all want a fun evening and 'friendly heckling' from the audience, when appropriate, is not frowned upon.

The Club provides a proprietary 12 channel mixer amplifier which has been designed, built and is operated by our own experienced sound engineer. It is controlled from a remote PC or tablet and features Wharfedale Pro Titan 12D speakers.

Unless otherwise stated:
When held upstairs, in the usual folk club room, the entertainment will start at 8.00pm with an interval at 9.15pm.  The entertainment will resume at 9.45pm and the evening will come to a close at 11.00pm (all times approximate).
When held downstairs in the function room, doors will open at 7.30pm. with other timings as stated above.

At the end of the evening it is requested that glasses should be returned to the bar.

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