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Change of Venue

Paul and Sam, landlord and landlady of 'The Bradford Arms' have decided that they can no longer carry on with the business since the price of electric has rocketed.  They are now paying four times the cost and they are trapped into a contract.  They have decided to leave at the end of November with the expectation that the brewery owners will find a new landlord.

The folk club has remained loyal to Paul and Sam but now believe that it is an opportunity to make changes that will allow us to take advantage of a larger venue with easier accessibility for people with reduced mobility.  Thus, we have decided to move our venue for 'The Melrose Quartet' to Church & Chetwynd Aston Village Hall, with the expectation of arranging events for a number of well known artistes throughout next year.  We are also planning to host a small number of 'Performers' Nights' and hope that our existing performers will be able to join us as well as having the opportunity to attract local people as audience members.

The village hall provides a bar at events stocking ales and wines at low prices.  There is full air conditioning which ensures comfortable temperatures in Winter and Summer alike.  For full information see:
Please keep looking at our website and our Facebook page.  We would be grateful if you would send a brief message with your details to Linda: .  She will then include you in an electronic mailing list to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with latest news and events.

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