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Keith Donnelly's description of himself:

"Stand-up comic,  fall-down comedian,  surreal snigger-songwriter,  guitar-hero,  performance-artist,   [tall] story-teller,  philophoser,  scriptwriter,  [none can] compere,  man-of-mystery,  inner-childminder,  actor,  stuntman,  metaphysical-poet,  human ping-pong ball,  life and soul of the [kids] party,  world-class athlete,  leading socialite,  raconteur,  business tycoon, wit,  author,  half-wit,  secret[sh!]-agent,  [vauxhall] astral-traveller,  shamen,   geordie-cultural-attache,  word-juggler,  snake-charmer,  underline-dancer,  unexpected clairvoyant,  dream-weaver,  daydream believer,   psycho-linguist,  shark-wrangler,  smile sculptor,   [compulsive] lying-tamer,  Great-British eccentric,   [alleged] international-jewel-thief,   hot-dog-skier,  alien-abductee,   zen grand-master,  champion tiddly-winker,  sandancer,   friend to the pantomime horse,  erstwhile slice of bacon,  and all-round good egg."

Keith is hugely popular on the festival scene with his eccentric sense of humour that guarantees an exceptional event.  He can also sing and play the guitar a bit, which is a great advantage!

Other Guests booked for 2020 include:

More information will follow soon - watch this space!

No other artistes are booked yet.  We will update the site as soon as we make further bookings.