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For more than fifty years Allan Taylor has travelled the world performing at festivals, concert halls and clubs. He is considered to be one of the foremost singer-songwriters and guitarists in his genre, with more than one hundred recorded versions of his songs by Artists in ten different languages.

Few people can convey with such eloquence their life experiences.  His songs are written from a lifetime of travelling; always the observer passing through, each song is a vignette of life, like a story told over a drink in a bar. He writes his songs in cafes, bars and hotel rooms throughout the world; songs for the lost and lonely, for the unsung heroes of life, for those marginalised by society – they all find a place in his songs. Each song has an integrity that tells you it comes from something real; characters come to life as people you know and places become as familiar as if you had been there. 

with support by

John Richards

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John Richards began writing and performing in his early teens. Over the years he has quietly become one of the most covered writers on the UK folk scene and has been a well respected muscian and songwriter from those early days.

Songs such as Did you like the Battle Sir? (written with Bev Pegg), Honour & Praise, The Deserter, Shine On, Roaring Water Bay (written with Dave Jones), The Unknown Soldier, The Moth, Foundryman’s Daughter, The Smuggler’s Song (written with Rudyard Kipling ), and If You Can Walk You Can Dance have been covered by some of UK Folk music’s finest professional artists as well as a long line of local singers.

Kim Lowings
and the


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With a fresh approach to traditional folksong, Kim Lowings and The Greenwood have firmly rooted themselves into the British folk scene. Their sound is “punchy and authentic” (Mike Harding) and cleverly combines original songs with familiar traditional tales highlighting the continued relevance of tradition today.

They work with traditional folksong and write their own original material that tell stories inspired by both fables and real life.

Kim is an Appalachian mountain dulcimer player, pianist and songwriter. She sings with an enchantingly pure voice and The Greenwood weave a backline of guitar, bouzouki, double bass and percussion that will get you singing along and your foot tapping.

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