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Nov 10



Guest Night in the downstairs Function Room

To watch a video of Chris, follow the link below:

(click here)

Tickets £12.

Contact Linda to reserve your ticket.

Chris is known primarily as the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with the legendary Fairport Convention. He is a member of  St. Agnes Fountain (an annual Christmas show together with the fabulous duo Chris While and Julie Matthews, a long-standing member Feast of Fiddles, and also performs a few solo gigs during the year. 

He plays: Fiddle, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Bouzouki, Ukulele, Banjo, Oud, Whistle and Native American Flute.

His playing, singing, and story-telling through song is sensitive and often thought-provoking. Solo gigs give him the chance to return to his first love, the fiddle, but with an array  of instruments to choose from, a wide-ranging taste in music of all genres and from across the globe, be prepared for the unexpected!

NOTE CHange of Venue

Dec 15


NOW Appearing at Church & Chetwynd Aston Village Hall, WALLSHEAD WAY, TF10 9JG

To watch a video of the Melrose Quartet, follow the link below:

(click here)

Tickets £15.

Book tickets on:

or contact Linda.


The Melrose Quartet are:
Nancy Kerr (voice, fiddle)
James Fagan (voice, bouzouki, guitar)
Jess Arrowsmith (voice, fiddle)
Richard Arrowsmith (voice, melodeons)

From deep roots in their hometown’s vibrant music, song and dance scene, to smashing concert appearances in the UK and abroad, Sheffield-based Melrose Quartet have attracted a reputation for making music that truly connects with people. All four are internationally renowned singers, instrumentalists, writer/composers and teachers.  They are loved for their instinctive harmonies and lush instrumentation.

In concert, Melrose Quartet perform a diverse repertoire – carousing chorus songs, lively dance tunes, ancient stories and modern pieces written in celebration of everything from weddings & birthdays to issues that affect all of our 21st century lives.

The band’s latest release The Rudolph Variations is a full-length album with a range of joyous seasonal songs from traditional carols to contemporary wassails. It accompanies the Melrose Quartet's special Christmas show 'A Bright New Year',  a fun evening of music & song, dressing up, games with prizes, lots of choruses to join in with, and an award for the most memorable Christmas jumper!

Other guests for 2024 include:

More information will follow soon - watch this space!

No other artistes are booked yet.  We will update the site as soon as we make further bookings.

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